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Hi! In addition to writing about terrible AND beautiful things and making jewelry, I also paint! I participate in a couple of art shows a year, but find a real love in painting murals. Interested in hiring me for a mural of your very own? Read on!

About the process:

My murals are generally done free hand, without the use of a grid or a projector. While I do paint subjects that mimic real life, for murals I prefer to paint in a more abstract or interpretive manner. I use a variety of paints, with the paint chosen for the mural dependent on the location (indoors or outdoors). Samples of my work are included below, with pricing structure immediately following. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Two murals and a bicycle rack

Bee mural in progress

Bike rack mural

Octopus, fish and jellyfish

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Birch trees


Las Delicias family story mural detail

Las Delicias family story mural

The birds and the bees...and the trees.

(14' x 60'  - This mural is still in progress - finished pictures coming soon!)

Ready to start the process? Here are the details:

The initial consultation is 15 to 30 minutes, is held at a neutral location and is provided free of charge.

After the consultation, the client is given the opportunity to move forward with a site review and design process. The non-refundable sketch/design fee is $250 and includes an onsite visit and analysis, and two sketches, with the opportunity for the client to request up to two changes. 

Additional sketches after that point are charged at $100 a sketch.

If the client elects not to move forward with the mural, the sketches remain the property of the artist and fall under copy write protection. (In other words, the design may not be presented to another muralist to complete)

At the conclusion of the design process, if the client has decided to move forward with one of the sketches, the client will be presented with a proposal and contract.

$100 of the sketch/design fee will then be applied towards the overall mural cost.

50% of the overall mural cost is due upon contract signing.
25% of the overall mural cost is due at the halfway point of completion.
The final 25% of the mural cost is due upon completion of the mural.


Minimum Price:  Murals sized 0 to 150 Square Feet:  Price is $1500

Pricing for a mural starts at $10 per square foot and decreases with increased size of mural (for minimum complexity murals); at 290 sf price drops to $9/sf – at 500 sf drops to $8/sf – at 900 sf price drops to $7/sf.

The price per square foot may increase if the design requested is complex (up to $30 per square foot). This will be indicated in the proposal and determined at the time that the final sketch is approved.

Before your wall mural project begins it will be assumed that there are no holes in the wall (or that they have been patched), there is a base coat of paint on the wall and there is a cleared work space. Work on the mural cannot begin unless these conditions are met. A site review will be done the day before mural work is to begin to make sure that conditions are ready.

Pricing includes:  Travel within Peoria County, all paint, brushes, ladders, tarps, assistant fees and work to completion, including clean-up.

Pricing does not include:  Travel outside of Peoria County, out of town accommodations or living expenses, liability insurance, scaffolding, specialized equipment (such as a cherry picker or projector) or wall preparation.

Ready to go? Great! Send me an e-mail at lola(at)loveheylola(dot)com and we can get started!


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