Playa de Plástico

 Playa de Plástico (Plastic beach) is a project that came out of a recent volunteer trip to Costa Rica, working with sea turtles. Although I knew that the world had a plastic pollution problem, it never really impacted me the way that it should have until I saw the devastation firsthand. I regularly walked on a beach covered in plastic. I worked with a critically endangered leatherback, learning that they regularly mistake plastic bags for jellyfish - their only food source.

 I watched baby sea turtles race for the water, having to navigate debris filled beaches while escaping vultures and dogs.

I spent hours trying to pull the tiniest plastic pieces from the sand, feeling firsthand what a huge task it is to remove the plastic from our oceans and beaches.

I brought some of the plastic home with me and I arranged it in a way that made it look pretty, because pretty will make people pay attention...

And I began making a "coral reef" from garbage I brought back with me and garbage I found on the streets here at home. Mostly plastic. I'm making jellyfish. I guess I'm making a beach. It's a brightly colored and pretty beach, because I want you to pay attention.

We have a plastic problem.

It will devastate this planet. Future generations won't know the wonder of some of the amazing and beautiful creatures of the world, because those creatures won't be here anymore.We have to do better.

If you don't need a straw, don't use one.
Carry your own coffee cup.
Carry your own water bottle.
Re-use whenever you can.
Refuse (plastics) whenever you can.
If it's financially viable for you, sign up for a recycling program.
Evaluate your life and figure out where you can make a change.

Playa de Plástico will make it's public debut as an interactive exhibit at the 2018 Clean Water Celebration in Peoria, Illinois.

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