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Hello friends! Normally I'm a person who loves to write and share stories and adventures. It's strange, then, that I would have a website with a blog and basically NEVER update the blog part. I think it's probably because I share a lot of my life on various social media channels, so doing it here seems redundant. BUT, I do realize that I have several people who are discovering me for the first time via my website and I should absolutely be keeping people updated as to what's going on with Hey Lola. I just checked my messages for the first time in forever and there are lots of questions about where and when people can purchase jewelry, if I can do murals, and if I can come to someone's school. And sadly, at least for the moment, the answer to all of those questions is "not right now."

On August 13 of this year, my radiologist told me he thought that I had breast cancer. A few days later, a biopsy confirmed it. Since that day, my life has been...not at all the way I expected. I can't even say that I took it hard, because all of the feelings surrounding a cancer diagnosis are so complicated and unfamiliar that I'm still not really sure how I feel. But I do know that I couldn't create and I couldn't plan and I couldn't set goals. It was like everything stopped. Everything except a constant flow of medical appointments. I also struggled with some pretty severe depression, even if I didn't really recognize it all of the time. So a lot of time spent sleeping. I mean - let's be honest. The depression is still here, I'm just managing it a bit better.

Anyway, for the month of October, I am on hiatus. I'm having surgery towards the end of this month and the results of that surgery will dictate what the next steps of my treatment are. I had originally set a goal of re-opening my website at the beginning of November, but I'm not sure how realistic that is. I'm certainly going to hope and try for that, but am also going to prioritize my health above all else and not make promises that I can't and shouldn't try to keep.