"Jonah The Whale" art card is a reproduction of one of my canvas paintings.

 In order to really appreciate the beauty of whales and understand their movements, I spent a lot of time at the beginning of this year on whale watching trips. Those trips helped me to understand how majestic whales are and how devastating plastic pollution is to all of the creatures in the ocean. One of my goals to close out 2019 is a list I call #40ForTheSea, which is 40 tips to reduce our waste, in honor of a whale who died from ingesting 40 kg of plastic. Those can be found on my social media pages.


In addition, sales from these cards help to fund clean-ups and home waste management education. 10% of sales are also donated to conservation efforts.


This card is approximately 7" x 5 3/4" on heavy duty cardstock, with no border (photographed against white paper with collected marine debris).

Jonah The Whale Art Card 12


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