These earrings feature colorful beads interspersed with fast food straw beads - all hand punched from discarded plastics. 


The hoops are gold filled, which means they have a thicker layer of gold than gold plated hoops. Gold fill is not solid gold, but is the next best alternative. While gold filled jewelry can still tarnish, with proper care, gold filled jewelry can last a lifetime. 

- 35 mm

- gold fill


These are considered costume jewelry and should be kept in dry areas when not being worn (so don't keep them in the bathroom or kitchen, don't go swimming in them, don't wear them while dancing in the rain, etc.)


Spraying chemicals on or near costume jewelry may speed up the "antiquing" of metal - for instance, perfumes, hair spray, make-up setting sprays.  To help keep your jewelry vibrant, use all sprays prior to putting on jewelry.


The plastic beads used in these earrings were sourced and created from trash collected during beach and street clean-ups. All plastics are cleaned and sanitized before use. A portion of our profits are donated to environmental conservation efforts. The sale of these earrings also helps to fund the direct clean-up of thousands of pieces and pounds of plastic trash, as well as helping to fund environmental education efforts.



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Multicolored Trash Beads with White Gold Filled Hoop Earrings