The sand in this vial was not collected purposefully, but rather, rides along in plastic straws picked up off of beach shores..


I create sculptures from plastic beach debris found during clean-ups. Part of this process is cleaning and sanitizing the debris before using it in sculpture. During the cleaning process, some sand is always shaken loose from the straws. The sand is then collected, dried in the sun, and placed in these vials. The vials are complimented by a hand stamped wave pendant. The vials represent hundreds of straws, bottle caps and pounds of miscellaneous plastic debris cleaned up from American beaches. In addition to being a beautiful and simple jewelry piece, these pendants are great conversation starters about the plastic and pollution problem in our waterways and oceans, and how we can all work together to reduce our reliance on plastics.


The sale of these necklaces help fund the creation and exhibition of ocean plastic art, which is used to educate the general public about marine animals and plastic/pollution in our ocean. In addition, 10% of all product sales are donated to conservation efforts.


Approximately 30", with a 3" extension


No two necklaces are the same - due to the use of naturally formed materials, slight differences in sand colr and volume should be expected. 


Made here in the Hey Lola studio, wherever that may be at the time.



Ocean Sand Pendant Beach Clean-Up Long Necklace


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