"Porcupine Fish is the Best Fish" art card is a reproduction of one of my canvas paintings. This piece was painted when I had Bell's Palsy. Bell's Palsy is a condition that doctors believe is caused by a virus, although they're still not exactly sure (I tested negative for everything). It is a condition that leaves half (or in some cases both sides) of your face paralyzed. It can last for weeks or it can last for the rest of your life and there's no way of telling which it will be. Given the disfiguring nature and all of the unanswered questions about this condition, it can be really difficult emotionally. I had a really hard time with my own diagnosis and recovery, especially since I already struggle with depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I spent a lot of time painting self portraits where I covered the disfigured side of my face with things that I loved - I found it very therapeutic. This is a reproduction of one of those pieces. Also, Porcupine Fish IS the Best Fish. Obviously.


This card is approximately 8" x 8" on heavy duty cardstock, with no border (photographed against white paper with collected marine debris).

Porcupine Fish Is The Best Fish Art Card 8


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