Each of these beautiful pendants are inspired by tide pools and are made with marine flora that was attached to garbage that I personally cleaned up from the beach. While I throw most of the garbage away, a small collection is taken home and sorted for art. And in that garbage, there are always pieces of this beautiful marine life hiding in the socks and straws and plastics. I pull all of that aside and sun dry it, and then I use tweezers and bio resin to build these little wearable tide pools.


This pendant comes by itself (if you have your own chain) or a chain can be purchased for it when you put it in your cart.


Due to the handmade nature of each piece and the natural materials used, slight differences in appearance should be expected. Colors may look different in person than they appear on screen.


This listing is for one pendant, only (shown in the first 5 photos). All other photos are included for size and material reference.


Metals are plated nickel-free with 24k gold or .999 fine silver.  A secondary process of oxidization provides the aged look to the metals. 



These are considered costume jewelry and should be kept in dry areas when not being worn (so don't keep them in the bathroom or kitchen, don't go swimming in them, don't wear them while dancing in the rain, etc.)


Spraying chemicals on or near costume jewelry may speed up the "antiquing" of metal - for instance, perfumes, hair spray, make-up setting sprays. 


The natural materials in these pendants was sourced from trash collected during beach and street clean-ups. A portion of our profits are donated to environmental conservation efforts. The sale of these pieces also helps to fund the direct clean-up of thousands of pieces and pounds of plastic trash, as well as helping to fund environmental education efforts.



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Tide Pool Pendant in Round, Deep, Gold

  • Each pendant is made with natural materials, metal and bio resin. As with all jewelry, these pieces should not be worn in water. When not being worn, pieces should be stored in a dark, cool place, away from light and air exposure. These are not out of the ordinary storage solutions, but rather, best practices for all jewelry pieces.