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A beautiful stretch bracelet made with faceted Ocean Amazonite, Sandbar Jasper and Spiced Wood Beads, and complimented by 3 hand stamped tags - "salt," "sea," and "bliss."


These amazonite beads mimic the appearance of waves on the ocean, with the sandbar jasper playing the role of the beach. This is truly one of my favorite bracelets because it just looks like a piece of the ocean. I added the "bliss" tag to the "salt" and "sea" tags for that very reason.


The colors of the bracelets include various shades of cream, tan, brown and sea green/blue, but colors may show up differently on different computer/device screens. Due to the natural materials used in these bracelets, slight differences should be expected between bracelet sets and individual bracelets.


Bracelets stretch and measure 7- 7 1/5".


Made by hand in the Hey Lola studio, wherever that may be at the time.

Water Bliss Amazonite, Wood and Sandbar Jasper Stretch Bracelet