"You Are So Great" art card is a reproduction of one of my canvas paintings.

This was painted during a period of great depression and isolation, followed by recovery. I was struck by the idea of saying, "she thinks she's so great" is considered an insult, but how we should think that we are great. And how sometimes it feels like we can't win - we cannot think we are great, we cannot care what other people think about us, but we cannot think we are worthless and we must always care what other people think.

Life is hard. And confusing.

But we really are so great.

You are so great.


10% of sales are donated to charitable organizations - specifically ocean and wildlife conservation.


This card is approximately 7 3/4" x 7 3/4" on heavy duty cardstock, with no border (photographed against white paper with collected marine debris).

You Are So Great Art Card 2


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