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You will receive one artist embellished reproduction of my original WTF jellyfish watercolor "No One is Condoning Murder, Nancy."


Once upon a time Nancy was a neighbor on a community facebook page. She was very upset about something. I do not remember what it was, but I know it wasn't about murder. And I was a big fan of the other random neighbor who pointed that out. What does that have to do with jellyfish? Not a thing. I just really like jellyfish and I really enjoyed that ridiculous online moment, so I married them to each other.


Reproductions of the original watercolor were printed on heavyweight cardstock. Each image is then embellished by me using graphite, ink, and colored pencil. Each resulting image is a signed, one of a kind piece.


Any watermarks are for online protection only. Your original art piece will arrive without the watermark, in an industrial compostable clear bag, with a recycled backing board.


Thank you for supporting artists and for buying original art.

WTF Jellyfish - Nancy

  • A portion of our proceeds are donated to environmental conservation efforts. We donate a minimum of $1,000 per year to Ocean Conservancy as part of their Business Champions for Sea Change Program. We also donate $1 to Mangrove Action Project for each package we ship. The sale of these pieces also helps to fund the direct clean-up of thousands of pieces and pounds of plastic trash, as well as helping to fund environmental education efforts.

    Please see our page on sustainability for information on how you can return your old or worn out Hey Lola jewelry to us for recycling.

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